Best Olympic Weight Bench India 2020

MiM USA Compact Smith Machine and Squat Rack All in One Smith Workout Squat Dip Up Sit Up Home Gym Super Pro Multi Functions Rack

Key Features of Product:-
Maximum Safety:
  • Weight Bench and Squat Rack Machine Comes with the Parallel Chrome Plated Guide, Rod
  • Smith Structure
  • Sturdy Whole Welding Frame
  • Patented Sliding Support
  • Safety Catch Hooks
  • Rubber Stopper for Max. Safety
  • Smooth and Silent
  • Innovative Four Track Pulley Delivers a Compact Smith Structure
  • Squat Rack for a Smooth, Silent and Efficient Workout
    Multi-Functions Machine:
  • Complete Set of Weight Bench and Rack
  • With Patented Sliding Support for the Most Popular Exercises
  • Such as Incline Chest Press, Decline Chest Press, Flat Chest Press, Seated Preacher Curl, Leg Curl, and Leg Extension.
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Best Olympic Weight Bench India 2020

MiM USA is the best Olympic Weight Bench in India and multi functions squat rack come with a sturdy frame and lifetime warranty. The innovative set is perfect for your home gym.

Safe Workout with Unique Smith Structure Rack, Sliding Support(Patented), Chrome plated Guide Rail and Safety Catch Hook.

The Most Popular Workouts:

This weight bench is useful for incline chest press, decline chest press, flat chest press, seated preacher curl, and also leg extension.

Maximum Safety:

Weight bench and squat rack machine Come with the parallel chrome plated guide rod, smith structure, sturdy whole welding frame, patented sliding support, safety catch hooks, and rubber stopper for max safety.

Smooth and Silent:

Innovative four track pulley delivers a compact smith structure and squat rack for a smooth, silent and efficient workout

Multi-Functions Machine:

Complete set of weight bench and rack with patented sliding support for the most popular exercises such as incline chest press, decline chest press, flat chest press, seated preacher curl, leg curl, and leg extension

Special Structure:

The structure changes the traditional design and provides a roller sliding support which can make the barbel sliding smoothly along the guide rod.

The innovative structure reduces the resistance of the sliding process and avoids the barbel clamping for a safe and smooth workout.

Assembling Dimensions:

L70″ W73″ H69.5″ Gross Weight: 150 Lb Max. User Weight 300 Lb Max. weight include user weight: 600 Lb

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